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Buildings Demolished

Enhancing the quality of life for local people by softening the landscape and improving the character of the site, whilst recognising the importance of nearby Listed buildings.

Around 350 new high quality homes

The location of the site on the edge of the City Centre presents an opportunity for a high profile scheme that demonstrates excellent design, sustainability and greatly improved public places.

A new primary school

Working closely with Peterborough City Council we have identified an area for a new primary school. This represents a very real opportunity to meet the local demand for more school places .






  • Surveys have identified low ecological value potential for the site in its current state
  • Opportunity to benefit ecology with new quality landscape features
  • Historic surveys identified the presence of bats within The Gables and the Memorial Wing. However, no roosts were identified in recent the recent 2010 survey. This potential for bats shall be monitored.


  • The Gables and 60-62 Thorpe Road will be externally restored and internally renovated
  • The Memorial Wing will be renovated and incorporated into the development

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

  • Features such as ponds and swales will form part of the development
  • Proposed surface water scheme to be linked with open space areas
  • Improved management of water quality and a reduction of flood risk


  • Important trees retained – There are a number of existing trees on site of varying qualityand some are protected under Tree Preservation Orders. A tree survey has been undertaken which identifies the location and quality of existing trees
  • Opportunity for creation of quality hard & soft landscaping to integrate with existing areas


  • Safe and controlled removal of existing buildings
  • The demolition process shall take into consideration the best interests of nearby neighbours


  • Existing supply networks for electricity, gas and water have significant capacity to serve the proposed development
  • The proposed development shall reduce demand on the existing supply networks compared to former hospital use.

Timeline / phasing

Timeline / Phasing


Phase 1

  • The school site is to be delivered to PCC in Q4 2014.
  • Subject to a separate detailed planning application to be submitted by PCC

Phase 2

  • Land to the north and south of ‘The Gables’
  • Land to the east of the City Care Centre
  • ‘The Gables’ building itself is to be hoarded off and protected during construction
  • Phase 2 is scheduled for delivery in Q3 2015

Phase 3

  • Land to the north of the site (currently occupied by Lucille Van Geest building)
  • Scheduled for delivery in Q3 2016

Phase 4

  • Land adjacent to the PCC school site on either side of Alderman’s Drive
  • Phase 4 is scheduled for delivery in Q1 2018

Vision / Proposal

Vision / Proposal



  • Proposed demolition of c.660,000 sqft of gross building area which will improve the skyline and significantly reduce the visual impact of the large former hospital buildings
  • Delivering around 350 new high quality homes
  • A new primary school to serve the local community
  • New public open space
  • New formal and informal play areas
  • Retain and integrate The Gables, The Memorial Wing and 60-62 Thorpe Road

Public Open Space

Public Open Space will be provided across the site and within easy reach of all the new homes. The largest of these will be a public Green located adjacent to The Gables building.

Children’s Play Areas will be provided on site and incorporated into the Public Open Spaces.


The Gables Area

We believe this area is most suited to large detached 4-5 bedroom family homes. They are likely to be no more than 3 storey (ground floor +2) with large rear gardens, private front gardens and off stree parking for 2 or more cars.

These large detached home will be built using quality traditional materials and will be designed to respect and fit with the architecture of The Gables. The homes will surround public open space and the area will contain tree lined streets and generous pavements.

This area will be accessed from the existing road off Thorpe Road (close to the entrance to Peterborough School) and via City Care Centre Area.


The City Care Centre Area

This are is more suited to good sized 3-4 bedroom,terraced and semi-detached family homes. They are likely to be no more that 3 storey (ground floor +2) with private rear gardens.

These family houses will provide good natural surveillance for the public open space. This area could contain different street surfaces and paving that clearly defines it as a residential area, distinguishing it from the City Care Centre. Driveways and off-street parking could be provided.

This area will be accessed from the road serving the City Care Centre (off Thorpe Road), from halfway up Alderman’s Drive and via the neighbouring Gables Area.


Main Hospital Building Area

The site of the former main hospital building, this area is closest to the station/city centre. We believe this makes it more suitable for smaller terraced houses and a limited number of apartments.

The terraced houses could be up to 3 storyhigh (ground floor +2) with the apartments up to 4 (ground floor+3). We believe the apartments are most likely to front onto Midland Road.

  • Private gardens for the terraced housing and large balconies for the apartments
  • On street parking for visitors
  • Good access to green open space at the centre of this character area


School Area

Working closely with Peterborough City Council, we have identified this area as a potential location for a new primary school.


Big Picture

Big Picture


Council Policy

The Peterborough District Hospital Site ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ (SPD) was adopted by the City Council’s Cabinet on 14th June 2010. The document sets out Peterborough City Council’s ambitions for the development of the site. The Council indentified that the site could accomodate 350-550 residential dwellings, small scale convenience retail and community facilities (primarily within the Memorial Wing).

The proposals on show today respond to the SPD’s vision for the site.

The Peterborough City Centre Development Plan was published in February 2013. A pre-submission consultation on this Plan is due to take place in February 2014 before adopting the document in December 2014.

The PDH Regeneration Project will play a fundamental part in the wider regeneration of the city.




existingsiteThe Existing SiteThe original war memorial hospital first opened in 1928, and was taken over by the National Health Service in 1948.

The entire site now covers 22 acres. The majority of the site was vacated in 2011, the same year as the official opening ceremony of the new Peterborough City Hospital.

The purchase of the hospital site by LIH was completed in November 2013

Memorial Wing

memorialwingMemorial WingThe Memorial Wing is now listed in the adopted Local Plan as a “Building of Townscape Merit”. The majority of the existing Peterborough District Hospital building was built in phases from 1960-68 behind the Memorial Wing.

The central administrative block (photo shown) will be restored and it is envisaged could form part of a proposed new Primary School.

The Gables

thegablesThe GablesThe Gables was originally constructed in 1893 as a private dwelling being converted to hospital use in 1924.

Recent survey work of The Gables found that the building is structurally sound and retains much of its original fabric, although there are signs of significant wear and tear.

The PDH Regeneration Project will seek to restore the building to its former glory and become a key feature of our overall masterplan.

60-62 Thorpe Road

This is located at the junction of Thorpe Road and Alderman’s Drive. Surveys of this building indicate that it is in need of repair.

Our current proposal is to convert it to residential apartments which will enable the building to be preserved.


Contact us

Contact us

Our contact details are as follows.
RSLK-HRRU-BXAR, PDH Regeneration Project, 29 New Bond Street, London W1S 2RL.

Freephone: 0800 319 6111

Lands Improvement Registered Office:
Lands Improvement, 4th Floor, 10 Lower Grosvenor Place, London, SW1W 0EN
Registered in England & Wales No. 1257600



We very much hope you can join us at the Public Exhibition where our initial plans for the site will be displayed, between:

1.00pm and 8.00pm
on Wednesday 29th January 2014
at The Great Northern Hotel Ballroom,
Station Approach, Peterborough, PE1 1QL

Members of our project team will also be on hand to listen to your views and answer any questions you may have.

Parking at the hotel will be free for visitors to the exhibition. We have also reserved a number of dedicated parking spaces. On leaving the exhibition, please remember to take your parking ticket to the hotel reception who will enable you to exit the car park for free.

Copies of the exhibition material and feedback forms will also be available from 3pm Wednesday the 29th January on this website, or by calling us on freephone 0800 319 6111 or by emailing We would welcome any initial comments to be with us on Friday 21st of February 2014.

We relish the prospect of regenerating this landmark site and we look forward to hopefully meeting you at our exhibition the 29th January.




PDH Regeneration Project

We are delighted to announce that at the end of 2013 we acquired the old Peterborough District Hospital site, off Thorpe Road.

Established in 1853, Lands Improvement specialises in the development of brownfield land obtaining planning, providing vital infrastructure and ultimately helping to deliver high quality new communities.








We fully appreciate the importance and historic significance of the site locally, and with your help we want to create a high quality residential development which reflects your aspirations for the area. Our initial proposals include approximately 350 new high quality homes, an area for a new primary school and the preservation of important historic buildings.

Please visit our exhibition page to find out more information on the upcoming Public Exhibition we are holding on the 29th of January 2014, where further information on the initial plans will be on display.