existingsiteThe Existing SiteThe original war memorial hospital first opened in 1928, and was taken over by the National Health Service in 1948.

The entire site now covers 22 acres. The majority of the site was vacated in 2011, the same year as the official opening ceremony of the new Peterborough City Hospital.

The purchase of the hospital site by LIH was completed in November 2013

Memorial Wing

memorialwingMemorial WingThe Memorial Wing is now listed in the adopted Local Plan as a “Building of Townscape Merit”. The majority of the existing Peterborough District Hospital building was built in phases from 1960-68 behind the Memorial Wing.

The central administrative block (photo shown) will be restored and it is envisaged could form part of a proposed new Primary School.

The Gables

thegablesThe GablesThe Gables was originally constructed in 1893 as a private dwelling being converted to hospital use in 1924.

Recent survey work of The Gables found that the building is structurally sound and retains much of its original fabric, although there are signs of significant wear and tear.

The PDH Regeneration Project will seek to restore the building to its former glory and become a key feature of our overall masterplan.

60-62 Thorpe Road

This is located at the junction of Thorpe Road and Alderman’s Drive. Surveys of this building indicate that it is in need of repair.

Our current proposal is to convert it to residential apartments which will enable the building to be preserved.