• Surveys have identified low ecological value potential for the site in its current state
  • Opportunity to benefit ecology with new quality landscape features
  • Historic surveys identified the presence of bats within The Gables and the Memorial Wing. However, no roosts were identified in recent the recent 2010 survey. This potential for bats shall be monitored.


  • The Gables and 60-62 Thorpe Road will be externally restored and internally renovated
  • The Memorial Wing will be renovated and incorporated into the development

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

  • Features such as ponds and swales will form part of the development
  • Proposed surface water scheme to be linked with open space areas
  • Improved management of water quality and a reduction of flood risk


  • Important trees retained – There are a number of existing trees on site of varying qualityand some are protected under Tree Preservation Orders. A tree survey has been undertaken which identifies the location and quality of existing trees
  • Opportunity for creation of quality hard & soft landscaping to integrate with existing areas


  • Safe and controlled removal of existing buildings
  • The demolition process shall take into consideration the best interests of nearby neighbours


  • Existing supply networks for electricity, gas and water have significant capacity to serve the proposed development
  • The proposed development shall reduce demand on the existing supply networks compared to former hospital use.