Timeline / phasing

Timeline / Phasing


Phase 1

  • The school site is to be delivered to PCC in Q4 2014.
  • Subject to a separate detailed planning application to be submitted by PCC

Phase 2

  • Land to the north and south of ‘The Gables’
  • Land to the east of the City Care Centre
  • ‘The Gables’ building itself is to be hoarded off and protected during construction
  • Phase 2 is scheduled for delivery in Q3 2015

Phase 3

  • Land to the north of the site (currently occupied by Lucille Van Geest building)
  • Scheduled for delivery in Q3 2016

Phase 4

  • Land adjacent to the PCC school site on either side of Alderman’s Drive
  • Phase 4 is scheduled for delivery in Q1 2018