Brian Haughton

Senior Construction Manager

As our Senior Construction Manager, Brian is our company representative at site level, representing the Houghton Regis Management Consortium on all construction-delivery-related matters for the Linmere project, and is responsible for maintaining the estate. Brian’s skillset lies in planning, coordination, problem solving and delivery.

He works alongside a number of our teams on strategic planning and preconstruction, as well as on detailed design with consultants and on on-site delivery with the project-management team and contractors. Since joining the company, Brian has helped with the delivery of Linmere’ s phase 1 and 2 civil infrastructure works, including roads, footways, storm water and foul-water drainage systems, landscaping and parks, utilities and a new pumping station. Linmere is now nearing completion of phase 3a civil-infrastructure works, including all roads, footways, utilities, and landscaping.