Project: Peterborough


Project status

Land acquired

Land under promotion

Planning application submitted

Planning application granted

Infrastructure commenced

Land sold to housebuilder

Sites under construction

Development complete

Project overview

The objective of the Peterborough site was to gain planning permission for the development of 350 new homes and a new primary school, together with the demolition of the hospital and ancillary buildings. The retention and preservation of the listed building for conversion was a key principle, along with the landscaping and the necessary remediation works which were undertaken to deliver ready-to-build development parcels to the market.

The total duration of the project, from the outline application, through to planning, on-site works and sales was completed in just under three years. All demolished building material was recycled on site, by means of mechanical crushing, to create useable, engineered fill material which was used to backfill a vast amount of the site’s below-ground basements and tunnels. The Grade II listed building known as The Gables, and two other buildings of significant local importance (The Memorial Wing and 60-62 Thorpe Road) are now the focal point of the new community established at the site.

Project progress

Maintaining site security and ensuring the safety of workers were key challenges at this site, due to the scale and nature of the vacant buildings, surrounded by large accessible open roads and parking areas. Also, asbestos had to be removed and demolition of a building of around 1m square feet took place in a controlled safe environment, while in close proximity to adjacent, neighbouring residential areas, a school, health-care facility, the main road and a cycle route into the city.

The scheme successfully gained planning consent for up to 350 new homes with the retention of several historically significant buildings and a new primary school. The primary-school land was prepared and handed over to Peterborough Council and the serviced, residential land parcels were sold to Weston Homes and Kier Residential.


The 23-acre site was located approximately a 10 minute walk from the Peterborough Rail Station in an area which is in touching distance of the city centre.